Ankle Support Short Socks, Women
Ankle Support Short Socks, Women

Ankle Support Short Socks, Women

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CEP ANKLE SUPPORT SOCKS: Our short sock design fully supports the ankle with CEP's medical grade compression, reducing swelling and stiffness. SMART SILICONE pads provide ankle stabilization, relieving pain and soreness while recovering from injury. SUPPORT SOCKS: CEP's SMART SILICONE padding ensures ankle stability while providing a comfortable fit inside the shoe without restricting athletic movements. The perfect sock for pain relief, arch support, and recovering athletes. COMPRESSION: 15-20 mmHg medical compression from heel to ankle. Targeted CEP compression is clinically proven to increase blood circulation, perfect for flushing out  clotting blood and fluid build up that occurs in stiff, injured ankle muscles. COMFORT & QUALITY: High-tech synthetic fibers wick away moisture, keeping skin dry for all day comfort. Medical grade compressive fibers provide unmatched durability and function. The best ankle support sock for active pain relief and support.
  • Superior stabilization and ankle support
  • SMART SILICONE pads provide relief and sooth pain
  • Increase blood flow in the foot and reduce swelling with targeted compression
  • Ideal for recovering from and preventing ankle injuries
  • Can be worn in athletic shoes

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