Compression Quad Sleeves
Compression Quad Sleeves

Compression Quad Sleeves

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Super Support for Quads and Hamstrings

CEP Quad Sleeves are specifically made to meet the rigors of activity that requires quality quad support. The knit compression sleeve fits easily over quad muscles to provide support during use and reduce the risk of injury. Having well supported quads will speed recovery from minor strains. The CEP Quad Sleeves will give you confidence to enjoy your sport and go all out every time. The progressive compression profile of the CEP Quad Sleeve ensures proper blood flow for thigh muscles. The silicone top band helps to ensure that the CEP Quad Sleeve doesn't move until you want it to. CEP's high-tech compression fibers provide maximum support and stability, helping to prevent micro tears in connective tissues that cause muscle pulls and strains.

How to wash CEP Quad Sleeves:

- Machine wash with cold water

- Machine dry low

- No bleach, No Woolite, No fancy detergents

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