igli Sport Slim carbon orthotic insole - CLOSEOUT

igli Sport Slim carbon orthotic insole - CLOSEOUT

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The igli Sport Slim is the ideal choice for a wide range of condition and application needs for active people that require the use of low volume athletic shoes such as soccer cleats and bicycling shoes. This model includes a deep heel cup with calcaneal and base of fifth met recesses to provide maximum control and comfort in athletic and low volume shoes. The igli Sport Slim includes a 4mm thick 35 shore Vacusoft footbed covered in microfiber, and a .4-.6mm carbon clip. The carbon insoles combine conservative and interactive mechanisms in a unique shoe insole system. Deformities of the foot can be corrected, stress on the locomotor system can be reduced and biomechanics can be optimized with igli carbon insoles. The carbon clip supports the arch of the foot. Special incisions in the carbon ensure that the natural movement of the foot is preserved. This item does NOT include the posting set.
  • Carbon support frame is light weight and extremetly supportive
  • Heat moldable
  • Added cushion in the sole improves comfort for all day use
  • Versatile design can be used in all kinds of shoes

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