Omomed Shoulder
Omomed Shoulder
Omomed Shoulder
Omomed Shoulder
Omomed Shoulder
Omomed Shoulder
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Omomed Shoulder

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  • Limitation and prevention of injurious movements thanks to the adjustable, marked limitation of external rotation, abduction and anteflexion of the shoulder joint
  • The elastic knit exerts gentle local compression on the superficial soft-tissues to limit and counteract swelling and reduce muscular tension
  • Corrects postural deficits in the shoulder with accurate centring of the head of the humerus in the glenoid cavity and easing of shoulder pain

The effect of the support

      The slightly compressive knitted fabric alleviates swellings and dispels muscle tensions. The movement is greatly restricted by the upper (white) strap, thus resting the injured shoulder and relieving pain. The shoulder can regenerate.

      Donning/fitting instructions

      Pull the upper arm/shoulder cap up over the affected arm.
      Pass the other arm in front of the body through the triangle of the strap system.
      Pull the fastened belt backwards over the head and make sure that the shoulder cap and the strap triangle fit properly.

      Fasten the two straps, which are sewn together and cross in the armpit of the healthy side, by passing the longer strap around the back and then securing the shorter strap to it. The Velcro strip should be facing the body.

      Pass the white chest strap (sewn onto the chest ring) through the white loop on the upper arm specified by the doctor or technician and then attach the strap to itself with the Velcro fastener.
      Finally readjust the upper arm/ shoulder part and all the straps to ensure a comfortable fit and reliable limitation of movement.

      Wearing directions

      How often and when should I wear the support?
      It is suitable for continuous use over a number of weeks. But during longer periods of rest (e.g. when sleeping) the support should be removed.

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