Pro Recovery Tights, Men

Pro Recovery Tights, Men

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CEP RECOVERY TIGHTS: Compression leggings for women fit like a second skin for all day comfort and functionality. CEP's graduated compression increases venous blood return, maximizing the supply of oxygenated blood to recovering muscles. SUPPORT TIGHTS: CEP's latest compression technology allows athletes to maximize recovery efforts. Increasing lactic acid flush reduces muscle and joint soreness, and speeds up recovery time. Perfect for runners, cyclists, crossfit and more. GRADUATED COMPRESSION: 20-30 mmHg graduated compression from the shins to mid thigh. CEP compression is scientifically proven to increase blood circulation by up to 40%, making CEP the best in athletic recovery gear. COMFORT & QUALITY: Compressive fibers are lightweight and flexible while maintaining unmatched durability and support. High-tech synthetic fibers wick away moisture and reduce odor causing bacteria. Open toe design free your feet from restriction.
  • Extra-strong, precise compression
  • Optimum nutrient supply and compression in the legs
  • Flex zones at knee and foot for superior comfort
  • Convenient and comfortable muscle recovery

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