Protect.Footsupports Plantar Fasciitis Pro
Protect.Footsupports Plantar Fasciitis Pro

Protect.Footsupports Plantar Fasciitis Pro

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protect plantar fasciitis pro offers effective pain relief to those experiencing heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and heel pain. Featuring an integrated metatarsal pad, plantar fasciitis pro ensures superior support of the transverse arch. Fitting into casual, athletic, and fashionable footwear, plantar fasciitis pro provides an excellent solution for all day heel pain relief and comfort.
  • Integrated metatarsal pad for superior transverse arch support
  • Multi-layered construction adds cushioned support to foot bed
  • Targeted soft padding in the heel for comfortable pain relief
  • Light, rigid core for excellent foot arch posture support
  • Supportive cushioning for comfortable all-day wear

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