Restiffic Relief Acupressure wrap

Restiffic Relief Acupressure wrap

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Restiffic Relief is a unique solution to tired, painful or aching feet and legs. It's a foot wrap with user adjustable compression and customizable Flexor-T massage pad. Restiffic Relief works by applying firm pressure to the bottom of the foot and stimulate acupressure points known to improve well-being. Through gentle manipulation of the feet, Restiffic Relief may reduce anxiety, relieve stress, ease foot pain, and improve circulation and sleeping. By improving daily life, Restiffic Relief allows people to get back to enjoying the activities they enjoy! Universal size, sold as a pair
  • Drug-free and low risk solution to pain
  • Flexor-T therapy targets specific muscles in the foot
  • Intuitive design allows for individualized pain relief
  • Provides adjustable & soothing pressure to the foot
  • Uses the concepts of acupressure to provide natural relief from pain

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